Kilted Yoga took the internet by storm in 2017 and have been super busy since. You can find out about our adventures and blogs here along with writing on all things yoga, meditation, and Scotland related. Our message is simple, the outdoors can nourish you in a way that just doing yoga can’t. Doing both together can bring about huge shifts in your energy and spirit. We want to inspire people to step into their most authentic self, to embrace and protect the natural world, and to feel good in their body and mind.

This site will contain our specific Kilted Yoga blogs from creator, Finlay Wilson, moving some of his content from finlay-wilson.com and giving you blogs and updates on the adventures of the Kilted Yogis.

Kilted Yoga began as a merging of passions, Yoga and Scotland’s heritage. Growing up in Lanark, Scotland, the natural world was on the door step everyday and we took for granted the adventures that we had and the respect we learned for our environment. Merging the two and showing some of Scotland’s most beautiful landscapes with the intricacies of yoga poses long practiced felt correct, a harmony to the blending of human and elements. We want to share yoga and what we have learned with everybody, to display a life lived in love, wellbeing, and to portray a wholesome lifestyle. I sure hope that we can meet in person on the yoga mat or in the forest.

Much respect,