In 2018, we were approached by Prickly Thistle to begin the stages of creating our own Kilted Yoga tartan. I wanted to create something that signified some of the colours of Scotland and two patterns were put to the vote with rich greens in one and the greys and blacks of the stone, the flecks of rabbit fur, the flash of white in a deer’s tail, the starkness and colour of a Scot’s Pine, and the red of a deer coat.


Weaving a story

The whole process was led at the first stage mill with Clare from Prickly Thistle, just outside of Inverness. There are two white fibres that start the pattern to signify my twin brother and I and the directions we went off in. Our birthdays are woven into the thread counts along with the 14 horns of a stag monarch that make up my first tattoo and the area of research that I spend my M.A. doing.